About April

Hi, my name is April Dowling and I’m residing in the Chicago suburbs working from home helping business owners with their virtual business needs.  I began my virtual appointment setting business in 2015, after transitioning out of my call center job. I was tired of having my newborn in daycare for 10 hours per day while I commuted and worked in the city.

I began as a virtual appointment setter for a reputation marketing company, working out of my studio apartment closet. Although I had three consecutive years of phone skills from my previous call center job, the thought of making cold calls to business owners was terrifying. I desperately wanted to work from home, so I basically dove in and just forced myself out of my comfort zone.

Gradually I began acquiring new clients. I started helping a career coach with appointment setting and was fortunate to get into a network of coaches who referred me onto other coaches who also needed help with business development. As time progressed, I began developing more confidence and better phone skills. I learned how to pre-qualify leads, develop client intake forms, create new scripts, and adjust my existing scripts to maximize my results. I studied the psychology of cold calling to further improve my skills.

Since 2015, I’ve set thousands of appointments for my clients and subsequently they have earned hundreds of thousands in revenue because the prospects I provide them. I have experience building rapport with people from all backgrounds, including C-Suite executives and business owners. I’ve also helped clients from other backgrounds, such as real estate and financial, with pre-qualifying their leads. I save my clients hundreds of hours each year by handling their business development!

Over the years, I acquired new skills to provide even more value to my clients, helping them with newsletters, logos, surveys, info kits, and anything they needed. My background is actually in graphic design and web content primarily. Check my services page to see a list of all the ways I can help. I’m always learning new skills and trying new software!

If you are looking for a client-centric, detail-oriented, experienced virtual appointment setter based in the United States to help you grow your business, contact me for a quick call!


Developing A Partnership

I believe in having open communication with my clients. If you work with me, I will communicate with you via your preferred method (email, text, or phone call) on a regular basis.

I also appreciate when my clients keep me informed on how things are going on their end, so I know whether I need to make any changes or adjustments on my end. Ultimately, I prefer our relationship to be a partnership where both of us can feel comfortable communicating needs and expectations.