My Creative Roots

I’ve always had a creative spirit since childhood and I still remember art class from elementary school. Art class was once a week, every Wednesday, and I always looked forward to it. I even remember the name of my art teacher: Mrs. Sheldon. I think she made a big influence on me as a young child… she was so enthusiastic, creative, and kind. Every year my school held the art fair, featuring artists who demonstrated all sorts of different styles of art such as calligraphy, origami, pottery, and more. Those were my fondest memories of school. As I got older, art classes were fewer and farther between until they removed art from my school completely. In high school, the closest to art was journalism, so I joined the school yearbook & newspaper team, which I really enjoyed being a part of.

In college, I majored in graphic design and minored in studio art. I only attended college for one year as I became restless and wanted adventure. After being raised in that same small Kansas town since age two, I left to Chicago at age 19 to meet my partner, Kevern, who attended an art institute at the time studying media arts and animation.


How I Got Into Abstract Art

I’m not sure how or when I got into abstract art, but I’ve always felt compelled to experiment with art mediums and have drawn to more intuitive, expressive art forms. I love how abstract art is open for individual interpretation, just like how life is… everyone has a different interpretation of the same events, places, etc.  My art is also a reflection of my own spiritual journey and awakening in that I am learning to “let go” of my control and trust my intuition. I feel I’m on a higher vibration when I’m creating abstract art versus other types of more controlled art where I’m having to think about proportions, such as portrait and still life sketches.


What Inspires My Art

I’m very inspired by nature in my art, as well, especially trees, light, and galaxies. I love using shades of blues, purples, greens, and teals. I see the abstract elements in nature and love to capture these through photography, paintings, and various mediums. I’m drawn to flowy, whimsical-like designs, and unexpected textures. I want to be open to creative inspiration at all times and never restrict or limit myself in any area of my art.


What Else I Enjoy

Aside from art, I enjoy being in nature, spending time with my family, meditating, listening to inspirational audios, blogging, traveling, visiting new places, and meeting interesting people. I also love learning, creating, exploring, and expanding my mind and awareness. I currently reside in Chicagoland with my partner Kevern and daughter AJ.