So after being on a grain-free diet after a month and a half AND feeling better, might I add, I decided try reintroduce grain back into my diet. Not a lot, just a whole wheat pancake. Not even an entire pancake, just the leftovers that my daughter couldn’t eat.

But me, feeling so deprived from grains and being tempted by pancakes on a nearly daily basis, could not resist the temptation of a half-eaten, soggy pancake submerged in a pool of maple syrup. So I scarfed it down hoping that nothing would happen. Well, nothing happened that day or the next, so I decided to eat her pancake leftovers the next day. After all, it was just a couple pieces.

A few days later, I am dealing with stiffer, more swollen and tender hands and feet. My ankles also have been a bit painful when I walk. Fortunately, the progress with my knees wasn’t affected. But I’m back wearing my compression gloves and feeling a little further than the destination than before.

Was it the grains that affected me or was it all in my mind? That is the big question. After all, the mind is very powerful. Anyway, whether it was indeed the grains or my own beliefs that grains cause my joint pain and stiffness, I feel like I’ve been set back a little. I’m looking forward to the day I can finally make a fist with my left hand and walk normally again. I will never lose hope in complete healing of my body, but be patient with these small setbacks as they are not my defeat, but just learning experiences. This isn’t the first time I’ve had these setback, after all.

***On a side note, I find myself daydreaming about donuts, cake, ice cream, pizza, pasta, and all the grains and pastries I love but have not eaten for so long. But the thought of the affects on my body quickly squelch these daydreams.*** 

So what I have learned? I must remain steadfast in the path I believe will lead to my body’s healing. Each day is a new day to start over fresh and I will not ponder over the past mistakes and setbacks. My desire to heal is greater than my temptations and setbacks, which is what really counts in the end. This power is what keeps me on my path to recovery every day.




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