My birthday was on Saturday, and usually I splurge on all my favorites sweets – ice cream, cake, berry pie, etc. Well, I am proud to say that this is the FIRST year in 32 years that I had zero sweets on my birthday. My focus on is self-care, not self-indulgence. My goal is to completely heal my body of joint stiffness and pain this year.

Last year I ate whatever I wanted, despite having the same condition, and the next day was miserable. My hands, which are usually just stiff without any pain, were actually hurting on the top. I vowed to not make the same mistake again.

Oddly, I wasn’t really tempted by sweets because I didn’t buy them! My biggest temptation this year was macaroni pie, which is basically the Caribbean term for baked macaroni and cheese. We had a full Caribbean dinner (my partner is from Trinidad and he made it for me as part of my gift) with callaloo, shrimp, stewed chicken, red bean, rice, potatoes, and macaroni pie.

I did not eat the rice or the macaroni pie, which was so tempting. I love cheesy noodles that crunchy texture on the top. But no, I had to pass. Just the thought of what the consequences might be to my body were enough to pass it up. But I totally stuffed myself with the red potatoes, callaloo, shrimp, chicken, and red beans.

I am grateful to make it to 32 years and grateful for this experience because it’s taught me a lot about myself. It’s been very challenging, but it’s a lesson I needed to learn and I am more determined than ever to overcome this condition.





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