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How To Leave A Voicemail That Elicits A Call-Back!

Are you sick of leaving voicemails that never get returned? I understand how frustrating it is to leave hundreds of voicemails every week and have only a couple people call back.

First, you want to make sure your list is valid. You know, good phone numbers with legitimate prospects. If the list the old and out-dated, you may be reaching the wrong person.

However, if you’re working a valid list with real prospects, your approach is probably off. Yes, you could be calling at the wrong time, but people will still call back if they are interested, regardless of the time of day you call them.

You may be too specific and detailed in your voicemails. When leaving a voicemail, there is a fine line between giving away too much info and not enough info. Giving away too much means the lead can make a decision about whether they want to call you back or not. Being too vague can make the lead skeptical enough where they don’t trust you and don’t want to even bother calling you back.

You want to provide JUST enough into to make the lead curious enough to want to find out more and call you back!


The Right Way

You want to make sure you are introducing yourself and the company you’re with (or your company) right away. This is crutial. Then you want to state BRIEFLY why you are calling. Just one sentence.

For example: “I’m calling because you filled out a request for a quote for car insurance on our website”.

Then, you need to close with a call-to-action. This is the step they need to take next.

For example: “Please give me a call back and we can discuss some great options. My number is 555-5555”.

Having a pleasant, caring voice gives the messag a nice touch.

I like to end with, “thanks, and hope to speak with you soon” or “thank you and take care”.

I find it’s best to keep voicemails around 30 seconds.


Final Thoughts

A big mistake people make is trying to pitch or sell the lead in the voicemail. You definitely want to avoid this. Make sure to leave the pitch and all the details about the call for the actual phone conversation. Like I mentioned before, giving away too much info can easily repel or give the lead a reason for not calling back.


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