I saw this picture posted on Facebook today and I wanted to share it.

May be an image of one or more people and text that says 'Never own a disease. Reduce the amount of time that you talk about being ill. Refuse to allow illness a place in your consciousness awfor beauty ronicities'

This is exactly why I never wanted to get a “professional” diagnosis to my symptoms. I don’t need someone telling me I have an “incurable disease”, because then it becomes harder to overcome mentally. When you take ownership of a disease or anything for that matter, you are making it part of you. You’re essentially cementing it into your reality, accepting it as the “truth”.

There is NO such thing as an “incurable disease” when we align ourselves with the Creator (aka God or the Divine) and have complete faith in our healing and oneness with this Divine power. At that point, the man-made medical system and diagnosis becomes irrelevant, because it is NOT coming from the source. It is merely the (very limited) opinion of MAN.

Fortunately, we can refuse to accept that we own a disease at any time. We can remove ownership from the disease and separate from it completely if we choose. We have the power within ourselves to do this, even more power when were align ourselves with the Divine or Creator. We are NOT cursed or doomed to any outcome or lifestyle.

I try to keep focused on self development and healing and the image of perfect health in my mind, but sometimes I still complain about and study my symptoms. We are human, after all, and can easily fall back into the victim mentality and feeling sorry for ourselves. We don’t need to berate ourselves for this, but just continue moving forward.

What about you?

It can be difficult when your body isn’t doing what you want it to do… but every moment of every day is a fresh start to a new mindset… one of empowerment!

Remember, you are NOT your “disease”. You were made to be perfect and whole, wellness is the nature state for us all. Be careful of what you affirm because words are powerful. We all possess the power to transform our bodies using the power of our interior forces.




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