Self-Exploration & Discovery Through Creativity

Learn About Yourself Through Art!

We are here on Earth in this present moment in time to learn about ourselves. What better way than by using art? Did you know that each of us has creative abilities within and, by unleashing them, we can learn many things about ourselves? Our hidden emotions and true aspirations are just a couple examples. And did you realize that certain forms of art can help us manifest our goals and desires?

Everyone can create and experience the rewarding, enriching benefits of art! No prior skills or training are necessary. There is no right or wrong; these coaching sessions are judgement-free. They’re meant to help you gain a better understand of yourself and enhance your life. Its’ all about YOU and nobody else.

This is an 8-week virtual coaching program consisting of weekly, one-on-one virtual meetings with me guiding you with utilizing your own inner, natural creativity to help you gain a better understand of yourself. You’ll be creating new pieces of art for your home and personal development use.


Week 1: Art Journaling Exercise & Challenge

Week 2: Past, Present & Future Mandala Art

Week 3: Ho’oponopono Art

Week 4: Mandala Meditation Art

Week 5: Affirmation Art

Week 6: Manifestation Art

Week 7: Beauty From Ashes Art

Week 8: Guided Meditation Art



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