It’s not exactly popular to go “against the grain” and choose the self-healing path when you have an illness. Most people hand over their power to the medical system and become defined by their illness. If you have made the decision to seek healing from within using holistic methods such as nutrition, herbs, meditation, etc., you may find that it’s a lonely journey.

If you’ve realized that your friends, family members, and co-workers don’t understand, respect, or agree with your choice to skip the pharmaceutical drugs and Western approach, it can be challenging to find encouragement and support during your self-healing journey. I’ve found the self-healing process to be an emotional roller-coaster at times. One day I see progress and feel hopeful, the next I may feel like I taken two steps back, then feel depressed. It’s sometimes hard to see the big picture. 

That’s why I created the Self-Healing Support Group – to provide a positive, safe place where those who are on a self-healing journey can find encouragement, support, and friendship with like-minded individuals who are also on their own self-healing journey.

I will be posting uplifting material in the group daily in hopes to create a truly positive, supportive, high-vibe space for those who are in the self-healing process… no matter what stage!

Please feel free to join the group and introduce yourself!



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